Payment Questions:

Q: What forms of payment does OnTheBallBowling.eu accept?
A: OnTheBallBowling.eu accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Card and iDeal.

Q: Can I place an order and pay after I receive my product(s)?
A: We currently only allow upfront payment.

Q: How do I use/purchase an OnTheBallBowling.eu gift voucher?
A: Place the item in your cart as you would any other item. Then you can visit OnTheBallBowling.eu anytime and use the code at checkout to receive the value of the Gift Voucher. If the purchase amount is over the Gift Voucher amount, they can pay the balance using another form of payment. Please be aware that the total amount should be used upon purchase. Remaining balance can be used on a second purchase. The balance cannot be refunded in the form of cash. Each Gift Voucher has an expiration date after one year of purchase.

Q: Is my credit card information safe?
A: We do not store any credit card information on our website. Once the information is used to process your transaction, it is deleted from our system.

Shipping Questions:

Q: When will my order ship?
A: The products are usually shipped within 1.5 weeks with a maximum of 3 weeks. For the current delivery time of your order, you can always contact us.

Q: How will my order be shipped?
A: Via UPS

Q: How much does shipping cost?

Country Price (incl VAT) up to 10 kg
Austria € 25,00
Belgium €15,00
Bulgaria € 37,00
Croatia € 69,00
Cyprus € 125,00
Czech Republic € 31,50
Denmark € 24,00
Estonia € 37,00
Finland € 63,00
France € 19,00
Germany € 15,00
Greece € 45,00
Hungary € 37,00
Ireland € 31,00
Italy € 24,00
Latvia € 37,00
Lithuania € 37,00
Luxembourg € 15,00
Malta € 125,00
Netherlands € 12,50
Poland € 31,50
Romania € 37,00
Slovania € 37,00
Slovakia € 37,00
Spain € 31,00
Sweden € 25,00
Switzerland € 35,00
United Kingdom € 19,00

If you are planning on placing a large order, please contact our Customer Service at: +31(0)162-727039 or info@ontheballbowling.eu

Website Questions:

Q: I've forgotten my password, how can I log in?
A: If you have forgotten your password please click Sign in and then - Recover Forgotten Password. OnTheBallBowling.eu will send a new password to you email account. Once you log in to the website with your new password you can click "Change Password" and change your password to whatever you would like.

Product Questions:

Q: Will the product look identical to the product I design in the Design Wizard?
A: The contour of a ball or pin may distort any image slightly. However, if this distortion is extreme you will be contacted by customer service to discuss other options for your design.

Q: What type of photo can I upload?
A: We recommend digital camera photos. Cameras should be 3 mega pixels or higher. Camera should be set at highest resolution.

Q: What size should the photo be?
A: Resolution: Your photo should be high resolution - (not less than) 150 to 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Photo Dimensions: 
• For a Bowling Pin the dimensions of your photo should be 1,000 x 1,000 pixels or at least 8,5cm x 8,5 cm.
• For a Small Bowling Ball the dimentions of your photo should be 1,000 x 1,000 pixels or at least 8,5cm x 8,5 cm.
• For a regulation bowling ball, the dimentions of your photo should be 1,500 x 1,500 pixels or at least 12,7cm x 12,7cm.

Photo File Size: 
• When you upload your photo, the file size should not exceed 3 MB (Mega Bytes)

Need Help Uploading Your Photo or Designing Your Bowling Pin or Small Ball? 
Customer Service: +31(0)162-727039
Mailing Address; OnTheBallBowling.eu, Brieltjenspolder 42, 4921 PJ Made, the Netherlands
Email Address: info@ontheballbowling.eu

Q: What file formats are acceptable?
A: We accept .jpg

Q: What file formats are not acceptable?
A: We do not accept .gif, .cdr, .doc, .pub, .pdf.

Q: What happens if my photo is larger than 3 MB?
A: If your photo exceeds 3 MB, it will not upload and you will need to resize it or upload an alternate photo.

Q: What if my photo is not the right size or resolution?
A: OnTheBallBowling.eu reviews the photos you upload before we print to insure best quality. If your photo does not meet our requirements, customer service will contact you. Your order WILL NOT be processed until an acceptable photo is received.

Q: What if I still want to use the photo that does not meet OnTheBallBowling.eu requirements?
A: You do so at your own risk. OnTheBallBowling.eu is not responsible for the reproduction of a photo that does not meet our requirement.


Duration of Warranty: This warranty will be in effect for one (1) year from date of purchase.
Applicability: This warranty applies when this product has been reasonably maintained and not subject to damage by misuse or abuse. This warranty does not cover damage incurred from transportation by commercial travel (air, train, bus, etc.). We will replace under the terms of this warranty any 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, 14 lb, 15 lb or 16 lb regulation size bowling ball proves defective in materials and /or workmanship, with another product of equal value.
• Any ball used as a house ball will not be covered under warranty.
• Any ball under 10 lbs with drilling will not be covered under warranty.
• This warranty is void if inserts are used in the finger and/or thumb holes.
• The distance between the edge of any hole and the edge of the pin being less than 1”.
• Plugging of the ball.
• Installation of inserts for the fingers and/or thumb.
• The top of each hole must be adequately beveled.
• A non-excessive amount of adhesive/super glue should be used.
• A bridge that has been weakened by holes that intersect or by being too narrow.
• A minimum ¾” difference in lateral pitches must be used.
• The width of the bridge being less than ¼”.
• Holes lacking sufficient bevel.
• Damage caused by pinsetters, ball return systems, gutters and/or lanes.
• Bowler abuse.