Customizer Tips

Customizer Tips

How to remove the white background behind image/text:

1. In order to do this, the image will need to be fairly high quality.

2. Place image on ball as you’d like it oriented.  You will still need to keep the design within the sweet spot of the ball.

3.  Proceed with check out – when you get to the purchase page, you’ll see a comments box just above the ‘Process Payment’ button.  In this comments box, please type:  “Match white background to the ball color”

4.  If we are unable to take out the white background, we will call/email you and work out another solution.

5. If there are immediate concerns, please call +31(0)162-727039 or email                    

If your image won’t upload into the Customizer…

1. The image must be at least 500 X 500 pixels.  We need a high resolution image because we’ll have to enlarge it when we go to put it on the actual ball/pin.  If the image is too small (less than 500 X 500 pixels), it will become blurry/pixilated when we enlarge it.

2. The image needs to be in a .jpeg file format.

3. If your image still won’t upload, please email it to and we’ll try to adjust the image so it can be uploaded onto the Customizer.